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No worries. Custom home warranties provide protection so you can enjoy your new lifestyle

It’s closing day and the keys to your new custom-built home are yours. After all those months of planning, decision-making and anticipation, you’re ready to begin you new life. What could possibly go wrong?

Even with new homes, sometimes there are glitches. To protect you, we offer the 2-10 HBW New Construction Warranty, which is approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. We believe this warranty is the best protection available for our homeowners.

Warranties offer you a sense of security so you can enjoy your new home and neighborhood. In our experience, most homeowners never have to use the warranty protection because of the high quality of workmanship. However, should something happen, here’s a brief run-down for the 2-10HBW Warranty.

The first level is a one-year workmanship surety coverage, which covers such items as deflects in building materials and, well, workmanship. Some items include carpentry, fireplaces, drywall, doors and windows, site work and masonry.

The Two-Year Systems Warranty protects the electrical system, plumbing and other mechanical distribution systems.

The 10-Year Structural Coverage includes actual physical damage to load-bearing elements, such as walls, partitions, floor framing, beams, columns footings and foundations.

Another plus for the new home warranty is service. Should you need service, you don’t have to go through the process of getting bids, calling contractors or repair people. Just a call to an 800 number is all it takes to have a qualified professional at your door to solve the problem in a timely manner.

Because warranties can seem complicated and overwhelming, we carefully explain to our homebuyers exactly what is covered and what is not. We want you to be perfectly happy with your new custom home for years to come.

Custom homes offer self-expression, energy efficiency and an easier lifestyle

A blank palette–that’s how many homebuyers look at a custom home. They have the freedom to design a home that perfectly suits their lifestyle with all the amenities that will serve them well for years to come.

If you are in the market, a custom home could be the best way to express yourself. Of course, custom floor plans, counter tops, bathrooms and kitchens are benefits, but there are other real plusses to a new home.

It’s all new to you. Your custom-built home includes all new systems, such as heating and air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, appliances and more. You won’t have to cajole the owner of an existing home to replace a dishwasher or have the furnace reconditioned. In a new home, those items will not be on your worry list.

Warranties provide peace of mind. No piecing together warranties here and there. The 2-10 HBW New Construction Warranty protection plan includes one-year workmanship coverage, a two-year systems coverage and a 10-year structural coverage clause. Appliances are also covered.

A safe haven. Your new custom-built home keeps your family safe from the ground up. Homes are constructed in strict compliance with local building codes using the most up-to-date materials. Safety glass, more smoke detectors, the latest wiring, circuit boxes and drainage design are all standard.

Make a connection. Most of us are online these days. In a custom home, the connections to get there are all there. Plug in your computer, your television, your Internet-ready DVD player, and off you go. In older homes, jerry-rigging Internet connections can be frustrating. Not so in your custom home.

Save with energy efficient products. Custom homes naturally include energy efficient appliances, Low E-2 windows, automatically controlled heating and cooling and efficient water heaters. Our homes feature a Tyvek wrap and vapor barrier insulation to keep your energy in. You will see a significant decrease in utility bills.

Buying a home, whether an existing structure or a custom built home, is a big financial commitment. As you move toward that decision, consider the advantages of the custom home that will be a perfect fit for a long time to come.