New homes feature customs closets to organize your life your way.

Buyers who are attracted to custom-built homes want to express their individuality, are looking for efficiency and want a clutter-free environment. Fortunately, new homes feature all of these requirements.

A distinct advantage for a custom home is designing your own closet space. Not so long ago, closets were an afterthought, if thought of at all. Just being able to shove some shoes, coats, suits and dresses into a space was considered a plus. That mindset has changed considerably.

Now, spacious walk-in closets, not only off the master bedroom and bath, but also near the entryway or mudroom, are part of the custom home experience. Even empty-nesters who no longer need a large home expect the storage space to stash away all the possessions they have accumulated through the years. Here are some reasons that closets in custom-built homes are important.

  • When you purchase a new home, you choose design and living features to fit your lifestyle. In the same way, you can adapt closet space for your needs. In existing homes, you’re stuck with a storage space that may not be right for you.
  • Large closets and storage spaces aren’t a luxury any longer, but a requirement. Buyers who have a 24/7 lifestyle want to find items quickly and consider well-organized closets in their new homes an asset.
  • While you intend to stay in your new home for the foreseeable future, built-in closets with lots of storage space will add value down the line.

Being able to customize your closet space in your home is just one of the many advantages in purchasing a newly built home. Interest rates are still low–there’s no better time to move into your new space.

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